Discover “RENDEZ-VOUS”, A Very French Short Film by Lingerie Française

15 February 2021

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You loved our lingerie fashion shows “Lingerie, Mon Amour” (“Lingerie, My love”) and “Lingerie Rocks” and we heard you loud and clear! We aim to please. So in association with the Committee for Development and Promotion of French Clothing Industry “le DEFI”, Promincor – Lingerie Française went back to work to brew a little something for you: an innovative show at a Parisian theater planned for January 2021 and featuring the most prominent brands of French Lingerie for your viewing pleasure.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic happened and the world came to a stop. But in the darkest depths of this global crisis, a few gems shone: new inspirations were born, the need for creativity surged, entire industries went 100% digital. And with that, “Rendez-Vous”, a very French short film by Lingerie Française, was born. 10 prestigious brands of French Lingerie (Antigel, Aubade, Chantelle, Empreinte,
Passionata, Lise Charmel, Lou, Louisa Bracq, Maison Lejaby and Simone Pérèle) invite all lingerie professionals and amateurs (buyers, media, customers) to its worldwide debut on on January 25, 2021.


A “RENDEZ-VOUS” WITH YOU – February 16, 2021 on Curve Connect

Lingerie always has been an accurate representation of our times. In this particularly strange and tightly corseted period,
Lingerie Française and this vibrant, elated production aim to breathe fresh air and fire into our atrophied lungs once again. During 8 minutes, this short film will be a celebration of diversity, inclusivity, natural beauty and self-actualization through stunning photography and movement. Rendez-Vous is a rhythmic digital performance, alternating intimate scenes and dance numbers carried by 10 women aged
20 to 60 years young, from size 34 to 44, and cup sizes ranging from A to E. Paris offers the ideal setting for this mad race across town to a Rendez-Vous we spectators know nothing about, yet anticipate greatly. From frame to frame, we teeter over the edge separating reality and imagination, with what we at Lingerie Française consider our worldwide mission and values as the guiding principles.


Lingerie is an aide to and an expression of self-confidence. Women are now independent and purchase their own lingerie. Femininity is multifarious, allowing them to embrace and express different facets of themselves based on their feelings, cravings, and needs at the moment. As we all know deep down, the very best act of seduction is just to be yourself.

In a modern and futuristic setting, the great advancements in the world of lingerie are portrayed to illustrate the weight of heritage, the importance of know-how, the audacity, creativity, and innovation of these legendary brands. The Perfect Fit is one that responds to all women’s needs regardless of body type, age, lifestyle… at all moments of their lives.

Lingerie Française stands behind lingerie with a purpose, designed and produced for all women equally, further facilitating the freedom of
being ourselves, of self-expressing freely, of dressing the way we want. We all support adherence to ecoresponsible principles (ethical values, organic and recycled materials, lasting products to reduce waste, circular economy…) in respect of our planet.

Rigor and precision are key. The know-how consists of designing, producing, then adjusting garments with great attention to microscopic
details. The 20 to 30 pieces that compose a bra require an astonishing number of yokes, backings, linings, tulle, lace, ribbons, often minuscule pieces added to second-skin fabrics that come in an array of weights, compressions, and feels to the touch. Research & Development is a lengthy and minutious process driven by the brands. The necessity for flawless finishing touches, the constant search for comfortable, versatile materials that will support A through H cup sizes, the assurance of quality, all require acute expertise.



“Rendez-Vous” was orchestrated by the Yo Luxury Events Agency, known for its expertise in Luxury industry events (Karl Lagerfeld, Céline, Givenchy, Fendi). Founder Yorick Levesque acted as Creative Director and called upon fellow creatives from the worlds of Fashion, Arts, and Dance. More than just a short film, “Rendez-Vous” united a community of incredibly talented artists:

Vangard, the Directing duo formed by Gautier Houillon, skilled special effects artist, and David Hugonot Petit, Fashion creative. Together, they reach for a unique artistic vision and an innovative technical execution in numerous productions (music videos, commercials…).
Pascale Renaux was our Creative Director for this production. Previously a Journalist for 15 years for the Numéro magazine, she has since converted her career to Creative Direction with a focus on the industry of lingerie.

Pascale is of the mindset that the best act of seduction is to just be ourselves; she leans towards garments that will match women’s
personalities and fuel their self-confidence.

Cathy Ematchoua, Choreographer. Known for her custom work, she is inspired by the desire to sublimate the artist’s movement and developed choreographic codes of her own.

Gaël Rakotondrabe, Music Composer, collaborates with numerous artists and composes for various artistic projects. A member of the band Cocorosie et Antony & The Johnsons, he is currently working on a solo project.

Sébastien Preschoux, self-taught Artist known for his optical art and thread art installations. But also, Jonathan Masterson from Moment Factory, Operator of the giant LED screen.

And last but not least, the talented Dance Performers, Mariana Benenge, Alizée Duvernois, Tifenn Chaminand, Sema-Tawi Smart, Léa Vlamos, Adèle Borde, Manon Dubourdeaux, Armelle Gerbault, Sophie Helard, and Caroline Ours.



In 2019, French exports of lingerie and corsetry goods increased by 2.7% year over year to reach 368 million Euros. Results are uneven across countries, as the UK and the Netherlands saw their consumption decrease by -11% each. Italy and Belgium trended down as well by -8% and -6% respectively, while Denmark, the US and Germany with Spain increased by +7%, +5% and +4% respectively.

A snapshot of 2020

In the first 9 months of 2020, French exports of lingerie and corsetry goods were greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and consumption slowed down tremendously.

The United States remained one of the top markets outside of Europe for French exports of lingerie and corsetry goods (in 4th position overall) with a sizable market share of 9.5%. In the midst of uncertainty and a worldwide economic downturn, US imports decreased by -3.2%. The countries most impacted were Italy, the UK, and the Netherlands.

Between January and September 2020, the star product of French lingerie exports was the bra, which generated 210.5 million Euros in worldwide exports (57.4% market share of French day & night lingerie exports).
Data source: French Customs x Promincor – Lingerie Française



A 6-day shoot in outdoor settings and a studio, a team of more than 50 creatives, innovative technologies, and avant-garde artists equipped with an Alexa video camera with top-of-the-line optical capabilities, real-time 3D, a giant 12 x 3 meters LED screen steered by an avant-garde Unreal system; a shoot in wintry Paris during a global pandemic; challenging logistics; new health processes and constraints to abide by…



This non-profit organization was created in 1960 to unite French Lingerie brands under a common label and one voice worldwide.
It aims to the lingerie and corsetry business excellence: original designs, rigor and precision, and the precise engineering that have granted France its reputation as a leader since the very first bra was patented in Paris in 1889. Although this trade has now become an industry, it has preserved its spirit of craftsmanship and continued favoring custom-made work.
The mission of Promincor – Lingerie Française is to promote this trade by shedding a light on its many facets to all industry professionals and lingerie amateurs around the world.
This film is being produced in association with DEFI – La Mode de France, the Committee for Development and Promotion of French Clothing Industry, an organization that promotes the French Apparel industry and showcases its products, know-how, and nationally and internationally (www.


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