REVEALED: Intimates x Active

26 May 2020

Activewear is no longer just an undergarment or something you only work out in. Many consumers have been incorporating active/intimate wear in their regular wardrobe. Trends include matching sets, bright colors, translucent fabrics, and cutouts. These features allow consumers to pick apparel pieces that highlight their personal style and allow them to feel unique. Although these pieces are starting to be worn in an everyday setting, that does not stop the consumer from working out in them.



REVEAL  the ins and outs of the ever-changing intimate apparel industry. UNCOVER  the desires of the consumer. DISCOVER  the innovations in design, trend and production. SHOW OFF  the improvements of inclusivity in the industry. TEACH  the importance of the perfect fitting bra. ELEVATE  key intimate apparel brands and retailers driving the industry. CELEBRATE  the beauty of intimate apparel in all forms. WATCH  the up and coming brands that provide innovative products. PROVOKE  thought on a world that’s changing and evolving. LEAD  the industry by providing information relevant for all. And finally SHARE  with you our  PASSION , for  LINGERIE FASHION , and  DESIGN!

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